Friday, January 21, 2011

Cupcakes, Cupcakes!

I did a post on cupcakes a year and a half ago, it was the new trend to have cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake and cupcakes continue to be a huge hit at weddings and the designs just keep getting more and more creative!

Cute little tuxedo wedding cupcakes.

I absolutely love these black and white cupcakes!
Oooo and these! Oh I can't pick my favourite anymore!
I mentioned them before and here they are again, the benefits of opting for cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. The number one benefit is that they are a lot more affordable than a tiered wedding cake. Other pros are:
- you can bake and decorate your own to add that personal touch
- great for a ladies get-together activity before you hit the aisle
- more environmentally friendly when using a corrugated cardboard cupcake stand instead of wires and tubes for the structure of your tiered cake

Do you still want to keep the traditional and cut the cake? Why not have a cake as the cake topper for your cupcakes??

Happy Cupcakes!


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