Thursday, May 28, 2009

Going Cupcakes!

Cupcakes is the new craze at weddings! They are given as favours at the end of the evening or even in place of the wedding cake. There are a few advantages as you opt for cupcakes for your wedding:

- a lot more affordable than a tiered wedding cake
- you can bake and decorate your own to add that personal touch
- great for a ladies get-together activity before you hit the aisle
- more environmentally friendly when using a corrugated cardboard cupcake stand instead of wires and tubes for the structure of your tiered cake

Cupcakes are also fun to display and decorate!

These cupcake stands are from a company located in Michigan. Cupcaketree is a company that locally manufactures completely recyclable, convenient and affordable cupcake stands – all important eco-friendly features for the green wedding movement. Eventhough these stands are made out of cardboard, you can easily pass them to your friends who are getting married. Cupcaketree suggests to wrap the stand in foil or plastic or use a non-toxic household spray paint or a good quality acrylic paint to moisture-proof and extend the life of the Cupcaketree. The stands are also lightweight so it keeps shipping costs low for budget conscious brides.

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