Thursday, May 21, 2009

Budget Decorating Tips

If you're on a tight budget for decorating, why not try one of the following suggestions to cut down on the cost of decorating the headtable?

- Buy a couple of vases from the dollar store, Walmart or Zellers, decorate them with ribbons that matches your theme colours. Place them side by side with a votive in between. When you and your wedding party arrive at the reception hall, simply place your bouquets in the vases and that will be your decoration.

- When decorating your church or reception hall, use common colour faux flowers. Depending on where you buy them from, they might be less or more expensive than real flowers. But the advantage of using faux flowers is that you can sell them to another bride after the wedding. If you use more common or natual colours like white or ivory, you have a higher chance of selling them. Weddingbells and Canadian Bride forums are great online places where you can sell your decorations. You might even be able to find used decorating items from another bride!




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