Monday, February 28, 2011

The Making of a Wedding Gown

Ever wondered what happens with your wedding gown after you place the order at the boutique?  Today we go behind the scenes as we take a look at how the weddings dresses by Priscilla of Boston come to reality.

First, the design.  The designer meets with the bride and learn what they are looking for so that they can create a gown and turn their vision into reality.

Then a pattern is made according to the design.  A skilled patternmaker grades the cutting patterns while the designer oversees all the delicate little details of the dress as it comes to life.

When the factory receives your order, experienced cutters manually cut out the size of the fabric that's specifically for your dress.

A bundler than pins the many pieces of the dress together.

Every single bead is hand sewn on the lace, many hours of labor go into the beads and lace alone.

Now the sewing begins.  The seamstress carefully hand press the gown and assemble the pieces together with state-of-the-art sewing machines.  The final finishing touches are hand sewn.

This is how weddings dresses by Priscilla of Boston come to reality.  As you can see, the whole process is a long process and it takes many highly trained and experienced workers to put your dream dress together!

Photos courtesy of Priscilla of Boston.

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