Thursday, December 27, 2007

Let's Get Married Bridal Show

The annual biggest bridal show in Quebec is coming again soon. This year, the Let's Get Married Bridal Show will take place January 10-11, 2008. Mark your calendars!

These bridal shows are a lot of fun if you haven't been to too many of them in the past. You get to meet all the vendors all under one roof. There are lots and lots of information and ideas to grab from this show. You might be overwhelmed with all the vendors there, so plan your visit wisely! You might want to scan the list of vendors and exhibitors on their website before going. Mark down the ones that interests you, perhaps write down some questions you might want to ask them.

Also, another word of advice, don't go lining up at the entrance a hour before the show opens! Why would you want to do that anyways? Pick a time, say two hours after the door opens to avoid the rush so that you get to actually speak to the vendors and they can give you more attention with less people around.


* Images courtesy of Let's Get Married.

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