Monday, February 9, 2015

3 HOT Baby Shower Invitation Trends

Wow! Can't believe how many of my friends are first time expecting mommies! How exciting! As you can imagine, I've been making many baby shower invitations lately, so I thought I'd share with you the 3 HOTTEST baby shower invitation trends...

1 - DIE CUTS! How cute are these die cut invitations?? These are unique and adorable and not your average square or rectangular invitations. It’s an unforgettable little surprise for your guests!
Diapers and onesies are the most popular, then the baby bottle follows in third place. Are you DIY-ing your own invitations? I've got the perfect solution for you! Continue reading for a free diaper template!

2 - PICTURE INVITATIONS... Expecting parents LOVE taking pregnancy pictures to remember this anxious time of waiting. Incorporate these treasured moments into your baby shower invitations and share the joy with your special guests. A picture of the parents-to-be  for couples’ shower (very popular now!), a picture of mommy-to-be's big belly for ladies-only party or an ultrasound of the soon-to-be-born precious little one, any picture will surely add a personalized touch.

3 - TEXTURES! We associate pastel colors with babies, and also lots of patterns and textures. Play with textures in your invitations to make it more modern and unique.

And now, a gift for you! Here's a free diaper invitation template for you to download, print and create your own HOT trend! HAVE FUN!


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