Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hiring Wedding Planners

Think you can never afford a wedding planner? Think again! While you are expected to pay a wedding planner 10 to 15 percent of your total wedding budget for her full-service coordination, a lot of the times your wedding planner has already built great relationships with vendors who would give a 10% discount to the bride & groom. Just think about it, it takes a bride an average of 250 hours to plan her wedding. A wedding planner can definitely save you a lot of time and stress and she will take a load off your shoulders so you can actually enjoy being engaged! So why not let the professional take care of it if in the end, the wedding planner would help you save some money too?

Of course, before you hire a wedding planner, meet her in person and ask her some questions such as...
- How long have you been in business?
- How many weddings do you plan a year?
- Do you belong to any professional organizations?
- Do you have a portfolio?
- What services are included in your contract?
- Will you have an assistant on the day of my wedding?
- Will you attend my rehearsal?
- Do you bring an emergency kit to all your weddings?

If you do not require a full-service coordinator, you might consider a day-of coordinator to ensure everything you've planned will go smoothly on your big day and to take care of any emergencies and unforeseen situations.

Perhaps an hourly consultation with a planner would be best for you? If you just need someone to bounce ideas off or to help with a specific vendor or item on your check-list, this can be money well spent.



Rebekah's Inexpensive Wedding said...

That's totally true, it's so often necessary. If you want an inexpensive wedding, hire help can go along way. Great post, I hope some convert!

Anna said...

Thank you for this post! I would have never thought that I could afford a wedding planner. But it does make sense in the long run and can give you peace of mind!