Friday, November 6, 2009

Video Booths

A year ago I made a blog post about renting photo booths for your wedding reception. This is a wonderful idea for your guestbook. But wait, look what's IN now! VIDEO BOOTHS!

We didn't have a photo booth at our wedding, we did receive a lot of photos from our guests though, but we would have also loved to hear from them. Having a 450-guest wedding is anything but personal! As you can imagine, we weren't able to talk to a lot of our guests. A video booth would have been wonderful to have at our wedding. Guests can visit the video booth at any time during the reception to record a message for the newly weds. They can tell stories and funny moments and record their best wishes. Guests should also feel more comfortable recording their messages with this machine, and having fun with the props that some companies do provide, rather than being awkward in front of the videographer.

The only problem having this at our wedding, even if I knew about this awesome machine? Can't seem to find any vendors here in Quebec that rents out these video booths! Hello vendors, where are you?? Please do let us know if you're lucky enough to find one in Quebec.

Here are a couple of vendors from Toronto (you lucky brides and grooms!):


Photo 1: courtesy of Soapbox.
Photo 2: courtesy of Guest Moments.


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