Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Advertising at Your Wedding

I have seen vendors leave their business cards on reception tables at weddings and events to promote their business to the guests. I have thought about doing this myself too but decided against it because brides and groom and cooperate event clients might not appreciate it, unless there's prior agreement. Brides and grooms, what do you think? Would you be upset if your vendors did that at your wedding? Vendors, do you do that, why or why not? Do you discuss it with your clients before you place your business cards at their weddings and events? If you were a guest attending a wedding and there are business cards at the table you're sitting at, how would you feel?


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Stephanie Thompson Wedding Design said...


Great topic. I think nothing can ruin my "attention to detail" more than a DJ company who has a huge sign in front of their booth, a cake persons business cards spead all over the receiving table... it makes me I do however carry business cards on me if I'm doing day of coordination or decorating, if people ask me I have them on me as they recognize that I've done a good job and they are considering hiring me. But otherwise this is the bride and grooms day and I'd rather have the word of mouth to their friends and family because then I know they were happy with my services.