Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ghost Chairs

These would be the perfect chairs to add to your long table setup. The ghost chairs are trendy and will surely make a lasting impression for you guests.

And the good news? Legacy Seating has created "green" MirageChairs! It is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. "The Mirage™Chair is crafted of crystal-clear unbreakable polycarbonate, withstands up to 395 pounds, is eco friendly, 100% recyclable and scratch resistant. A UV protector helps maintain the chair’s clarity even after years of use in the sun. The back is an exclusive “Comfort-Flex” design. Optional LED lights can be inserted into legs creating an illuminated look. The chairs stack five high and weigh only 9.5 lbs."

Images courtesy of Exhibit Hire and Legacy Seating.



Anonymous said...

I like the ghost chairs a lot - very original, modern and chic. Maybe i'll see them at one of my weddings this year - though I find most people just go with the usual - maybe something do with our conservative Canadian natures.

Furniture Hire said...

Ghost chairs have a great effect when also used in dim lighting.

Ghost Chair Hire said...

The popularity of ghost chairs has risen dramatically in the last few years. Wedding planners seem to be pulling away from the chair covers and going for a more contemporary look. Their transparent nature also helps to ensure they add-to but don't take over the style.