Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

If your wedding is during a rainy season, consider purchasing a few large umbrellas just in case it does rain on your wedding day. For our June wedding, I went to Walmart and purchased a few large umbrellas so my parents and bridal party can use them if it rains on our big day. BUT I didn't take the umbrellas out of their packagings, I simply left it in the back of our car in case we needed them.

It did end up raining on our wedding day but luckily, it was during the times we were indoors. When it was time for our dove release, the sun came out and it was beautiful! We didn't end up using our umbrellas, they were still brand new in their packagings, so I went to return them at Walmart! Didn't cost us a penny to have the backup, but it was great just in case it did pour when we were on our way to the church or when we left the church for the reception hall.


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