Tuesday, December 9, 2008


These Photofetti would be so cute for a wedding or any events such as baby shower or graduation. Sprinkle some on the tables and let your guests enjoy the photos. You can put some in your invitations or favors to add that personal touch to them. These are even great for company events with your logo or for advertisement purposes.

Photofetti can also be tossed on the bride and groom, but make sure you ask your ceremony location or reception hall if you are allowed to throw confetti. Some location do not allow confetti of any sort.

You can even request for samples of the colors you might be considering.

Image courtesy of Photofetti.


Anonymous said...

wow, you are definitely talented. I do not know how I found your blog but I know that i have been browsing it for 40 minutes already and can get my eyes off of it :). The Photofetti ides is great. I will show it to my future wife. Fingers cross she will approve it because I like them so much.

Caryn - A Timeless Celebration said...


Thanks for your compliment! Are you planning your wedding?

I can't wait to try making my own Photofetti for my birthday party or shower!

Let me know what your future wife thinks.