Sunday, December 21, 2008

The PERFECT Gift Registry

I thought there's no perfect gift registry in this world because you just cannot get EVERYTHING you REALLY need the most from ONE registry. Well... I was wrong! Wishpot is the perfect gift registry that lets you choose anything from any store to put in your gift registry! How amazing is that?

Just go to the site, create an account and create a gift registry. Wishpot lets you shop anywhere that you want online or in a store. It lets you save anything you want in the registry in one place. It is easy to share that registry with your guests and it's easy for your guests to get to what you want from your registry. You're not limited to one store and you're not limited to traditional items. You can add items from or even an invitation company that you will be ordering your stationery from. It gives the newly weds complete flexibilities and to choose the things they really need and want all in one place. It is a great feature, and it's super easy, just check out the demo and remember, find-click-add!

Images courtesy of Wishpot.

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