Thursday, November 13, 2008

Children at Wedding Receptions

While weddings are happy and enjoyable for the adults, it might not be the same for children. To them, it is sit and wait for hours if they are not kept busy. If children are going to be at wedding receptions, they should be kept entertained to avoid disasters! Here are a few ideas to keep them busy:
- Take a trip to Dollarama. They have great arts and crafts and toys at great prices.
- Cover their tables with toys, games, candies, coloring books, crayons, puzzles and other fun things.
- Set up fun centerpieces at the kids table.
- Hire professional babysitters so that their parents don't have to keep their eyes on their children all the time, they can enjoy the reception.
- Hire a magician or a clown to entertain the children.
- Arrange another room for the children to play in and run around.
- Setup videogames for older boys in another room.
- Have a princess theme table for girls. Prepare tiaras they can decorate.
- A children's menu is a must! Children would prefer kids food, such as pizza or hamburgers, rather than a 5 course adult meal. They will have more fun eating fun they like.

Feel free to share other ideas you may have for having kids at a wedding reception!


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