Thursday, September 18, 2008

Inflating the Alterations Bill

One of my bridesmaids got married before me (last year). When we went bridesmaids dress shopping back in April, she was telling me how much her bridal shop charged her for her gown alternation. I almost fainted in the mall when she told me she was charged $300 for alternations! I just couldn’t believe what I heard, as if her $1800 gown wasn’t expensive enough! I felt so bad, I didn’t even want to tell her that I found a seamstress who is experienced in gown alterations and only charged me $40! Today’s tip: your bridal shop isn’t the only place where you can get your gown altered. Look else where, get recommendations from family and friends or where else can you get better recommendations then from real brides from local wedding forums? Of course, not all seamstresses know how to alter gowns, so be sure to ask if she is experienced with wedding gowns.

My seamstress in Montreal is located on St. Hubert Street. Her name is Mrs. Lam and she is a super nice Chinese lady. Another bride from the forum recommended her to me and I’m so grateful for that because… I had umm… 3 … wedding gowns to alter…

Shun Hing

6385A Rue St.Hubert

Montreal, H2S 2L9


Another tip: some dishonest bridal shops try to convince you to order a gown that’s way too big for you. Then, when the gown comes in, guess what? It needs expensive alterations! So what can you do? Measure yourself and ask to personally see the manufacturer’s sizing chart. Note that every bridal manufacturer uses its own size chart. If you’re a size 8 in the real-world, you might be a size 10 or 12 in the bridal world!

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