Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2007 Wedding Stats

I thought you might be interested in reading about some of these stats of last year's weddings, some are fun and some just make you wonder! Results are taken from Weddingbells.ca.


Weddingbells’ annual Reader Survey reveals the most recent wedding-day facts and trends from those who know best—Canadian brides prepping to walk down the aisle.

Be it balmy, breezy or on the beach, summer is still the most popular time of year to tie the knot in Canada. And according to our second annual Weddingbells’ Reader Survey, you’re all breaking into a bit of a planning sweat while getting ready for your big day.

Over 1,500 of you, from Vancouver to St. John’s, took the time to respond to the survey, offering a peek at the major trends and wedding worries of Canadian brides.

Are you wary of a prenup, concerned about your age, or stressing about sex? Is the pressure to make choices—lilies or orchids, empire-waist or A-line dress, DJ or live band—causing you more worry than joy? If you can’t decide on a wedding budget, or where you want to honeymoon, take some comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

Who is She?
  • Average age is 29 among engaged women in Canada
  • 71% already live with their fiancĂ©/significant other
  • Average household income after marriage is $70,036

The Big Day

  • Average expected cost is $17,300
  • Average wedding size is 143 guests
  • 20% have 200+ guests
  • 56% of weddings occur between July and September: July (18%), August (20%), September (18%)
  • 44% of engagements occur between December and February: December (25%), January (7%), February (12%)

A Year of Planning

  • The average reader is engaged and planning her wedding for more than 10 months
  • Decisions related to key purchases are confirmed several months prior to the wedding:
    • 10-12 months Ceremony Location, Bridal Gown, Photographer
    • 7-9 months Wedding Cake, Florist, Bridesmaid Dresses, Bridal Shoes, DJ
    • 3-6 months Gift Registry, Groom’s Formalwear, Limo Service, Hair Salon, Honeymoon Location

Show Me the Money

  • Funding for wedding: bride/groom savings (47%), bride/groom loans (15%), family (34%)
  • Budget breakdown based on anticipated costs:
  • Reception venue = $6,015 (will pay up to $7,200)
  • Bridal gown = $975 (will pay up to $1,335)
  • Wedding bands = $1,450 (will pay up to $1,900)
  • Stationery = $300 (will pay up to $400)
  • Wedding cake = $340 (will pay up to $440)
  • Florist = $805 (will pay up to $1,000)
  • Guest favours = $330 (will pay up to $420)
  • Honeymoon = $3,735 (will pay up to $4,710)
  • 46% of engaged women plan to move to a new residence within the next 12 months
  • Almost one quarter expect to buy a new vehicle within the next 12 months

The Honeymoon

  • The average honeymoon lasts 8.8 nights away from home
  • 67% plan to spend their honeymoon outside of Canada
  • 56% plan to stay at an all-inclusive resort

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…

  • 32% find wedding planning to be more stressful than enjoyable
  • 23% agree a prenuptial agreement is a good idea (34% between 18-24 year olds)
  • 42% anticipate having disagreements with their in-laws
  • 19% are having more disagreements with their fiancĂ© since becoming engaged
  • 37% say their sex life has improved since getting engaged
  • 24% claim not to be completely over past relationships

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