Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dove Release

If anyone of you is thinking of having a Dove Release for your wedding, think no longer! We had a Dove Release at our wedding and it was SO beautiful! It is definitely something you would want to work into your budget because photos with those doves are just priceless! Please, just see for yourself!

Dove Release companies allow you the option of having more doves to be released by your parents or other loved ones. Besides the two that my DH and I released, we had another 10 doves for our mothers (5 each) to release from two baskets. The moment the doves flew out of their baskets was just breathtaking!

But remember! Be sure to warn your photographers and videographers that there will be more doves flying out of the baskets after you and your hubby/wifey release the doves in your hands so that they can be ready to catch those memorable moments!

We used Les Columbes Lucie Payne from Montreal, Quebec. She was wonderful! You can search on The White Dove Release Directory for a professional Dove Release member in your area.

* Images courtesy of Irwin Chiu Photography & Thomas Chan.

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