Friday, October 12, 2007

Oil Portraits

Photo into Oil Masterpiece!

100% Hand-painted Oil Portraits

The tradition of oil portrait painting was prevalent prior to the development of photography. Throughout history, only royal and aristocratic families had oil portraits of themselves and family members from past generations. Couples that got engaged used to send oil portrait paintings to one another before their marriage. An oil portrait is history and can be cherished and passed on with pride from generation to generation to deepen family roots.

Oil portrait paintings are making a come back and are becoming one of the most sought after art forms today. A Timeless Celebration, specialize in top quality oil portrait paintings that are 100% hand-painted by our highly talented, experienced and professional artists. We want to make oil portrait paintings affordable to as many people as possible, so that they are not only for the privileged few but almost everyone of you!

The oil portrait paintings created by our master artists can enrich your walls and bring life into your living spaces.

They are worth every penny of their prices.

Ordering is S-I-M-P-L-E!

Send us your photo via email, regular mail, or bring it to our showroom.
In just 24 hours, we will give you the price quote of your portrait with your specifications.
Master artist will start painting your masterpiece upon receipt of your 50% deposit.
Preview and approve your portrait upon completion. Request modifications if necessary.
Love your completed portrait? It will be shipped out immediately by the artist!
Enjoy your portrait that looks like you spent a fortune!

Ideas & Suggestions

. Wedding . Engagement . Anniversary . Birthday . Graduation . Valentines Day . Mother’s Day . Father’s Day . Grandparents’ Day Christmas . Hanukkah . Thanksgiving . Family . Baby . Child . Elderly . Pet . Vacation . Performer . Athlete. High Government Official . Company Founder . Company Chairman . Top Executive . Sentimental Moment.

…the possibilities are endless! Give us a photo and we will paint it on canvas.

Just see for yourself how amazingly true-to-life these portraits are. Those who have seen the actual portraits will definitely say that these photos don't do them justice! Especially when the we took a photo of the portraits, it made the colors look more dull and not as full of life as the actual portraits. We introduced these at the Wedding Show back in January. 75% of the brides and grooms who walked by our booth thought we were photographers and were promoting wedding photo portraits!

If you're in the Montreal area, why not make an appointment with us and pay us a visit to see for yourself how beautiful these portraits are? Sometimes it is difficult to tell right away how much the painted portrait looks like the real person, but you all know her...

That's right! This is an oil portrait painting, 100% hand-painted by one of our talented artists!

Here are a few more samples...



Family Portrait

Not only can we paint your photos, we can also modify your photos! We have recently helped one of our customers turn her parent's black and white wedding photo into a color oil portrait!



Not only can we change colors, we can even add or replace a person. If you love your "photo #1" but the other person in the photo likes himself in "photo #2" more, we can paint the two figures onto the same portrait!

Please visit our website for more samples, complete pricing and ordering details.

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