Monday, October 29, 2007

Flower Power

Flowers can be one of the most expensive element for your wedding or events. Do you have a color theme you'd like to work with? Do you know the flowers that are available in your color? Perhaps you haven't chosen your color theme because you don't know what's available in the season your event takes place? No worries! While searching for blue flowers for my own wedding in June, 2008, I came across this very useful website, Bliss Weddings. There are a number of different ways you can search for the perfect flowers for your event: by color, season, region and even by the color of your bridesmaids' dresses.

The Flower and Plants Association also has a list of flowers by colors so you can easily coordinate your flowers with the rest of the elements for your event.

Another way to pick your flowers is to choose according to the meaning of the flowers. The Gardner provides a list of meanings for flowers. It can add a nice touch to your events. Here are some definitions taken from their extensive list:
• Baby's Breath - Everlasting love; happiness; pure in heart
• Calla - Magnificent beauty
• Carnation (yellow) - You have disappointed me; Rejection; disdain
• Daisy - Innocence; loyal love; purity; faith; cheer; simplicity
• Fig - Argument
• Ivy - Fidelity; friendship; affection; marriage
• Lemon Balm - Brings love
• Oak leaves - Bravery
• Sunflower - Loyalty; haughtiness; you are splendid

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