Saturday, March 7, 2009

Black & Red Inspirations #1 - Asian Fusion

A good friend of mine is getting married at the end of August. Both Nimah and her fiance Ryan are from the Caribbeans. We don't get very many chances to hang out because of our busy schedules, but when we do hang out, I have so much fun with them. They are such an easy going and fun couple and I absolutely love planning their wedding with them!

When we first sat down to discuss their wedding plans, I was so excited to hear that they want a black and red theme as I have been waiting to do a wedding setup with black tablecloths, black chair covers and red chair sashes to add a splash of color to the table setting. Over the weeks, their wedding vision have changed from a western theme to a CHINESE theme! They are even in the process of changing from the usual 5 course sit-down meal to a full 10-course Chinese wedding reception! I am absolutely thrilled and wish their wedding would come sooner! This morning, Nimah and I have been chatting on g-chat and we were exchanging ideas. The more we searched online, the more excited we got. Here's a black and red inspirational board with some Asian elements to make this wedding unique and unforgettable!

{1} Michael Hawk Photography: Dress from Little Flowers by Odyssey {2} Chinese Tailor Shop: Double Happiness Embroidery Gown {3} Neiman Marcus: Open-toe Red Satin Passementerie Pump {4} Black & Red Sheer Elegance {5} Customized Wedding Creations: Aisle Runner {6} Ying Yu Jade: Red "Chongsam" Style Chinese Silk Purse {7} Marquee Hire: Black & Red theme {8} A Timeless Celebration: Chinese Buttons {9} A Timeless Celebration: Double Happiness Candles


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